5 Inspiring Tips for How to Start a Story

An argument can be made that the beginning of any story is the most important. It is the first part your readers will encounter and it is what potential agents and publishers will read in order to determine if your project is right for them. But do you know how to start a story? What’s the perfect opening?

5 Inspiring Tips for How to Start a Story

The beginning needs to impress your audience. It needs to be near perfect. How can you do that?

5 Essential Elements for How to Start a Story

Though you need to consider every aspect of your story, especially at the beginning, there are five specific things you can watch out for to really make your manuscript shine. Wondering how to start a story? Try these five strategies:

1. Craft that first line

This isn’t something you need to worry about in a first draft, but when you revise, you should pay attention to your first sentence. Make it sing. First impressions are everything.

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