We publish positive, motivating, uplifting, inspiring, self-help fiction and non-fiction “end of the story” books and works that cannot only be read but used as a teaching, study, and or self-help and improvement tool.  We help our clients and Authors tell their story; taking their work from thought to vision to pen, paper, and print. You write and we do the rest; the work of Publishing.  We provide full-service press publishing from timeline to promotion to print, e-book, online presence, and release for independent single authors and collaborative works.  ATKP creates and presents the author a finished quality product of their book, workbook, journal or rewrite.  Our services include three standard and three specialized service packages, as well as a’ la carte publishing options for individual and collaborative authors. The Author owns their independent work or story within a collaborative work.

ATK Publishing helps our clients and Authors tell their story. You write and we do the rest; the work of Publishing. We provide expert and excellent full-service press publishing for the independent single author and collaborative cohort book projects. We provide:

  • Full-service press publishing service; from thought and vision to design and execution to final delivery and release
  • Par’excellence coaching from Author and Executive Editor and Product Editor
  • Training and equipping at the 1-day Writers Workshop
  • Four standard packages  and two specialized packages as well as a’ la carte publishing options for individual and collaborative authors, live stream access during Writers Workshop, and much more

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