Blanche Benedict

I am a career mom and small business owner of AE organized Solutions and Consulting. AE is a professional organizing company that equips people, small business owners, and organizations with the basis of being organized and organizing with strategy. I am a graduate of Purdue University a licensed veterinary technician, and a certified project management professional with an extensive career in pharmaceutical research. In addition, my gift of teaching and desire to grow spiritually has afforded me the opportunity to share Christian principles at regional youth and women’s conferences. I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana, with my two sons (Aaron and Joshua) and mother. I enjoy family time, gardening, reading, biking and completing small home improvement projects. I have 2 children, Aaron & Joshua Benedict. My boys are so different; yet, they are brothers. Having them has afforded me a well-rounded experience as a mother. They both have shown me different things from conception to birth and even as young boys. Aaron is very perceptive, intelligent, and he is a lover. Joshua is witty, very smart, and very competitive. I can’t imagine life without them.

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