Dr. Tuesday Tate

Dr. Tuesday Tate is multi-facet.  She effectively uses her gifts, skills, and knowledge as an Ordained Minister, business owner of Vision Focus Group, LLC where she provides training, coaching and consulting services, television and radio host, national motivational speaker and published author.  She is a contributing author in the collaborative work titled, “How to Survive When Your Ship is Sinking, Weathering Life’s Storms”.  Through her involvement in this project as well as others, she discovered her passion of purpose as an author.  With overwhelming support and endorsements of her first independent self-published work  Waiting: Mastering the UnAvoidableand nationwide speaking engagements, she established her own speakers and publishing firm.

‘Waiting’ has been said to be more than a book, “It is a tool for today and life…Once you will reference and come back to year after year.”

With her first independent book published and released, Dr. Tuesday, Executive Editor and CEO of ATK Speakers and Publishing (ATKSP) Firm is on track to write and publish several other books of her own and that of other independent writers and professional speakers.  “I Tasted My Tears Today”; a collaboration of 13 Authors is the most current work of ATK Publishing and a must read. The Firm not only publishes collaborative and individual works, they provide a 2-day writers workshop and 3-day speakers training to equip their clients to write their best work, tell their story, speak their truth, and ready them for public speaking.  Dr. Tuesday is charged and elated to be living her life purpose and helping others do the same.  To read more about the Woman, visit her Brand site; Dr. Tuesday, This is Who I Am.

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