“Fractured to Free” tells the story of a little girl who faces obstacles and generational curses throughout her life that broke her into pieces. However, through her transparency, trust, and faith in God, HE mended her foundation.  Her fractured pieces were and are being sealed and woven into a beautiful tale of freedom and victory.  With and because of God; she made it through. Her journey from fractured to freedom was not pretty.  And though the trials were ugly and brutal, she overcame and exchanged her brokenness for beauty.  Hold on to your seat.  Allow her life and words of healing found on these pages to draw you to your place of healing and freedom.

Mikia Dillard loves God and proclaims Him to be number one over everything in her life. She manifests her love for and service to Christ and people through ministry.  She is a member of the best gospel choir on this side of heaven. National recording artist, Billboard charts & Stellar nominated Demetrius West and Jesus Promoters! Mikia is a graduate of Grace College and Seminary where she received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She is completing her Graduate Degree MBA/Healthcare. She has proudly served 14 years in healthcare in the OB/GYN field, which is where she found her zeal to serve women through writing and ministry. With her bubbly personality, her husband Andrew and their 3 children, a positive makeup, and caring spirit, Mikia always finds ways to be a blessing to others.

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