Image Bearer brings to life Psalm 139; you are fearfully and wonderfully made. It speaks to the truth that we were all created in God’s image, that image being love, greatness, goodness, and awesomeness! Yet, somewhere along the way, the truth that we were and are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God was lost in translation and application and or never articulated to be instilled. Our thoughts of ourselves (often as a young child) were skewed by life experiences and the voices of others that intentionally, unintentionally and or ignorantly planted seeds of insecurity. The distortion of the media, the lies of our experiences, environment, and the emotional need for approval and acceptance; we as people; particularly females, lose our way! This inspiring piece was written for you; women who have or do struggle with their shade color, size/weight, identity, the need for love, African-American and European features, acceptance, appearance, their worth, value and past, talent and ability, etc. We hope you see your uniqueness and beauty and celebrate how far you – we have come!

Though we are confident these stories will inspire, encourage, and bless every woman who reads them, it was targeted to reach ‘Gen Z’ (teens to 25 year olds). It speaks to the struggle of when we were teens and younger women! You will laugh, cry, be angry, shocked, shout, and praise God for their victory! Each Author writes a letter to their younger self to encourage and tell their past to focus on their exceptional future to come! The letters alone will inspire.

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Angel Richardson, Desion Stewart, Jewlya Payne, Lauren Kelley, Lauren Nowlin, Lisa Bellamy, Nicole Norwood, Rachel Wright, Dr. Tuesday Tate

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