To Thee O Lord | A Surrendered Yes focuses on the process of getting to Surrender and saying, ‘Yes’ to God. Whether it was something of our own doing or by the hands of others or situational-environmental circumstances or God did it, accepting what HE allowed or did requires that we know that HE is always in control.  This exceptional work looks at how each of the Authors accepted their purpose, assignment, or call; the way, will, and plan of God for their life.  For each of them, it required something different:  forgiveness of self and others, a commitment to a promise, acceptance of self, a major career transition, an across the ocean pilgrimage, moving pass dysfunction, and more. Faith allowed them to submit to His will and surrender too His way. Their stores will reinforce…not my will but Thy will be done.”  Saying,“Yes” to God will empower you, build your confidence, and give you strength to firmly declare and do His will. No matter your life circumstance, you will find yourself in one of these pointed stores of truth and transparency. Understanding that there is a journey – a process we each must take to get a place of knowing, resolve, and surrender, this book will help you find your way.


Dr. Tuesday’s passions of purpose are to elevate and charge others to their greatest potential. She fulfills this through her first love as an Ordained Minister, Prophetic Teacher, and Elder. Multi-talented, she is thrilled to be living out her hyphen and fulfilling her life’s purpose as an international speaker, publisher, media personality, certified: coach, behavior analyst, and trainer. Helping others discover and fulfill their purpose is her mission.  An author in her own right, she is the Executive Editor of this great work and CEO of ATK Speakers and Publishing Firm; where new and aspiring speakers, authors, and writers are trained and equipped to speak their truth and tell their story.

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Annissa Spencer, Dr. Kim Forniss, Dr. Kim McElroy-Jones, Erika McLaurin, Jennifer Zortman-Dotzert, Mikia Dillard, Nikki Henson, Qourtney Bush

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